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Monday, November 29, 2004

SCO site says "We own all your code"

IS THIS A HACK, or is SCO being as serious as only SCO can be?

Lol! read the full article here

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Let's Hibernate Toplink

I recently read TopLink: 10 Years of Persistence on and I still think that Toplink is not the tool form me. As some of my readers ( :-) ) know I'm a Hibernate zeloth. To be a zeloth is not a good thing at all, but after testing almost every JDO implememntation and get tired of huge JDBC code writing hibernate almost saved my life. I have tested also Toplink. I got not the skill nor the time to make a Hibernate vs Toplink Article and so I will make only a simple consideration. Toplink has been out for ten years that is a huge period in this "framework-age". Got it out Oracle products? I mean Are there any market ruler sw that uses Toplink? Ask yourself the same things about Hibernate

Friday, November 12, 2004

Things to do. Services to use


After reading Alex Toussaint's Blog post I thought that planning is everiting and so this is my "Things to do. Services to use"

  • Finish read the J2EE Architect handbook (pdf version)
  • Read JSR 170
  • Prepare some Hibernate magic to show at Brescia Java User group
  • Update the layout of my Bloggerman Project' blog
  • Buy a Firefox t-shirt
  • Buy Mac Os X for Java Geeks from O'Reilly
  • Buy stuff at and build some arrow for the December Archery Contests

These items should be a sample of a tipical, in my opinion, thechy, --Java Geek-- //TODO list.. maybe some Star Trek is missing...

Now post yours!



Tuesday, November 09, 2004

JSF and JSTL: I got the clue

Finally I understood the true meaning of using jstl an jsf. I'm writing this to the one that, like me, aproched custom tag in "the servlet way". I found that tag tecnolgy gives his best if used with a sort of reuse paranoia in mind.
I gave myself.. and going to propose to the team, these rules:

  • Check the Standard taglib before writing something in a jsp
  • Check the company taglib before writing something in a jsp
  • Check the Jakarta taglib before writing something in a jsp
  • Everything longer than 10 lines of code in a JSP should be placed in an include jsp (and maybe parametrized: jsp:param do exist!)
  • Everything longer than 10 lines of code in a JSP should be placed in a new tag of the company taglib (or maybe is a businees method!)

Maybe these rules are oblivious for the most of you... but I'm working very hard in refactoring hugly jsp.

Pause is over... back to work!