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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

JSTL in real world

'm playing with JSTL but I found it quite messy... I mean look at this code:

<c:forEach items="${mycollectionswithforuobj}" var="myObj" >
<c:out value="${myObj}" />

it returns a blank page, without any error... I think the problem is that the collection in not a bean property but comes from a biz method... I'm thinking that old school well included page still rocks!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Novell 2 ICal

I had the need of sync my Novell GW calendar with my Mac's ICal... a very simple task... but I found no software to do it! I alaways found promises of a project to open source openExchange that will include Novell and ICal... but i neet it now! So I write a small servlet that do the thing... since calendar items are mail messages and ICal supports HTTP remote calendars I wrote a servlet that read the messages from Novell and create an ics file to feed ICal. It works great... I'm planning to post the source code when I fix a couple of security Issue (ex: mail passwords in clear config file!)

Novell and ICal are registred trade marks of the respective owners