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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Apple's Mac mini

AnandTech: Apple's Mac mini - Tempting PC Users Everywhere:

1) At the same price point, you can get a much more powerful CPU from Dell.

2) Sure, you get better graphics with the mini and a better optical drive, but you get more memory and a faster hard drive with the Dell.

3) To the user, to which this type of computer is targeted, do either numbers 1 or 2 matter? The answer is no. All that matters is price and whether or not the thing works. If that statement weren't true, then you would never hear the phrase, 'I've had my computer for 5 years, I need a new one.' Instead, everyone would be a performance fanatic like the rest of us and upgrade every year at worst.

ok so that's my point of view
1) do you ever listen someone speach about G4,risk, Misc or intel processors? i mean it is not a GHZ business: it depends of what you want to do with the machine... and 1 GHZ on a G4 is about 2.3 GHZ on an intel machine

2)you also get a lot more noise, heat and it get more space... should I go on? P.s you also get OS X with the mini

3) well so Apple was to blame because its pc were too expencive, now is to blame because they don' make the cheapest computer on the market... ???? It make no sense to me...


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