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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Apple's Mac mini

AnandTech: Apple's Mac mini - Tempting PC Users Everywhere:

1) At the same price point, you can get a much more powerful CPU from Dell.

2) Sure, you get better graphics with the mini and a better optical drive, but you get more memory and a faster hard drive with the Dell.

3) To the user, to which this type of computer is targeted, do either numbers 1 or 2 matter? The answer is no. All that matters is price and whether or not the thing works. If that statement weren't true, then you would never hear the phrase, 'I've had my computer for 5 years, I need a new one.' Instead, everyone would be a performance fanatic like the rest of us and upgrade every year at worst.

ok so that's my point of view
1) do you ever listen someone speach about G4,risk, Misc or intel processors? i mean it is not a GHZ business: it depends of what you want to do with the machine... and 1 GHZ on a G4 is about 2.3 GHZ on an intel machine

2)you also get a lot more noise, heat and it get more space... should I go on? P.s you also get OS X with the mini

3) well so Apple was to blame because its pc were too expencive, now is to blame because they don' make the cheapest computer on the market... ???? It make no sense to me...

Monday, January 17, 2005

Javalobby/ debug code in clear text?

I was looking at rss feeds, a great project by JavaLobby but the contents didn,t reflet the content of the page. I fear that one of these things could be happended:

  • JDocs javadocs parser read also dirty programmer comments as javadocs. A simple bug, and a funny one which is an unsual thing for a bug!

  • The link in the homepge is wrong and points to a wrong feed(a developer discussion or something like that)

  • RSS feeds are just a stub implementation and displays various debug data instead of RSS content... this one is quite scaring in security prospective

Anyway jdocs is a great thing for everyone...

Here the code(you can verify it here):

inal String msg = "blah, blah.";

final String confirmMsg = "Check this box to no longer see this information message.";

PreviewPlugin plugin = PreviewPlugin.getDefault();

IPreferenceStore prefStore = plugin.getPreferenceStore();

Shell shell = new Shell();

/*if toggleState is true, then the user previously checked the box to no longer see this message. */

boolean toggleState = prefStore.getString(FINISH_CONFIRM_KEY).equal(MessageDialogWithToggle.ALWAYS);

if (!toggleState) {

MessageDialogWithToggle.openInformation(shell, "Values Stored", msg,confirmMsg, toggleState, prefStore,


} ]]> Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:23:21 -0500, you can use this construct only thus:

RequestDispatcher rd = request.getDispatcher("/myownpage.jsp");

rd.forward(req, res);

This will invoke the page as if you typed:

on the browser !

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I dononet (I don't know .Net)

I don't know .Net, I mean I don't know how to design and implements an enterprise sized application in a .Net env. It's not my skill. Thats all. I focused my skils in J2EE env and I have several years of experience in the field. I know the goods and the bads of .Net but develop on it is another story. It's not just learn C#. Learning langueges is quite easy. The framework and the logic behind it is the problem. I'm a professionel and I made my choice and my company knew it when I was engaged 3 years ago. Now one of my .Net co-worker has left the company and the sys admins complains about issues about some applications. They asked me to handle the issuses and when I answered thath I didn't know .Net env the replaied that I was lazy and I didn't want to learn C#. The problem is not C#, the problem is the framework and a narrow minded, old styled view of software design. The differences between J2EE an .Net are not the same that there were between Cobol and Fortran. They are complete different world but sadly someone miss it out. In the end I think that focusing on a tecnology is important in order to master it. I read a lot of peole argue that they handle both .Net and J2EE but I think that I could not just because strong skills need training, exercise, experience (time) and I have none of them

Friday, January 07, 2005

Oops I did it again (reinvent the wheel)

Contempling my taglib I realized I was making a jsf implememntation. So, before going further I checked and see both jsf spec and Myfaces Impl. Well.. I fera the event handling in jsf spec is a little too complex and "bounding" for our kinf of development. We have a lot of boring-ui-mainacs as customers and generaling frameworks too mutch will force us to reimplement something in the way. In this week end I will make an attempt to JSFize my custom tag lib (aka implement interface and refacto model classes in ordere to be JSF compliant). If I will realize thath it make sense maybe it could be JAFFI ! (Just another Faces Framework Implementation)