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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I dononet (I don't know .Net)

I don't know .Net, I mean I don't know how to design and implements an enterprise sized application in a .Net env. It's not my skill. Thats all. I focused my skils in J2EE env and I have several years of experience in the field. I know the goods and the bads of .Net but develop on it is another story. It's not just learn C#. Learning langueges is quite easy. The framework and the logic behind it is the problem. I'm a professionel and I made my choice and my company knew it when I was engaged 3 years ago. Now one of my .Net co-worker has left the company and the sys admins complains about issues about some applications. They asked me to handle the issuses and when I answered thath I didn't know .Net env the replaied that I was lazy and I didn't want to learn C#. The problem is not C#, the problem is the framework and a narrow minded, old styled view of software design. The differences between J2EE an .Net are not the same that there were between Cobol and Fortran. They are complete different world but sadly someone miss it out. In the end I think that focusing on a tecnology is important in order to master it. I read a lot of peole argue that they handle both .Net and J2EE but I think that I could not just because strong skills need training, exercise, experience (time) and I have none of them


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