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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

JavaBlackBelt - knoked down!

JavaBlackBelt - Java skills evaluation platform:
"a few hours ago and we've got between 500 and 1000 concurrent users. It looks like it cannot stand such mass and the server crashed twice in 4 hours.
Sorry if it crashed (or will crash) in the middle of your quizz.
Expect problems during the next 24h.
Thank you for your patience!"

Well beeing a Karate black I shoud say that scalability is not in their Kata portfolio. I'm realizing that scalability is everithig in web-apps.
Here an example: my customer ask me to build an application to manage 100 object. At the end of the test he said the "real world" model has about 2000 object... so I fear that tasting should focus more on scalablity, having a sort of grain of scale performance graph to be sure how to manage growth.