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Monday, January 17, 2005

Javalobby/ debug code in clear text?

I was looking at rss feeds, a great project by JavaLobby but the contents didn,t reflet the content of the page. I fear that one of these things could be happended:

  • JDocs javadocs parser read also dirty programmer comments as javadocs. A simple bug, and a funny one which is an unsual thing for a bug!

  • The link in the homepge is wrong and points to a wrong feed(a developer discussion or something like that)

  • RSS feeds are just a stub implementation and displays various debug data instead of RSS content... this one is quite scaring in security prospective

Anyway jdocs is a great thing for everyone...

Here the code(you can verify it here):

inal String msg = "blah, blah.";

final String confirmMsg = "Check this box to no longer see this information message.";

PreviewPlugin plugin = PreviewPlugin.getDefault();

IPreferenceStore prefStore = plugin.getPreferenceStore();

Shell shell = new Shell();

/*if toggleState is true, then the user previously checked the box to no longer see this message. */

boolean toggleState = prefStore.getString(FINISH_CONFIRM_KEY).equal(MessageDialogWithToggle.ALWAYS);

if (!toggleState) {

MessageDialogWithToggle.openInformation(shell, "Values Stored", msg,confirmMsg, toggleState, prefStore,


} ]]> Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:23:21 -0500, you can use this construct only thus:

RequestDispatcher rd = request.getDispatcher("/myownpage.jsp");

rd.forward(req, res);

This will invoke the page as if you typed:

on the browser !


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